Login to Jira

For authentication to access the Jira Issue Tracker use the link below and provide your RHNID (access.redhat.com login) and supplied password.

Login to Jira with RHNID and corresponding password.

What should I do if i can not login to Jira?

If you can not login with the SAML authentication, please contact the corresponding administrator.

For adjusting your account login please send an email with the following content:

  • Use the E-Mail subject "Jira Account"
  • Current Username for Jira login
  • Your RHNID (login for https://access.redhat.com)

Send the E-Mail to the corresponding person, depending on your role within Red Hat Training:

My Role in Red Hat Administrator (E-Mail Contact)
Instructor Florian Brand (fbrand@redhat.com)

Curriculum Team

Learning Experience Team

Content Team

Rudolf Kastl (rkastl@redhat.com)

Can I login with my old Jira account?

As a temporary workaround you may login with your old Jira credentials by using the link below, until your login name in Jira has been adjusted to match your RHNID:

Click here to login with your old username and password

This page will go away and the login will go away in the future and default to SAML based authentication.